Finally got some range time!

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Finally got some range time!

Post by cb671 on Thu Feb 27, 2014 3:14 pm

Well I finally got to go to the range to test out a few of my toys lol...Too bad it rained like hell and ruined my paper targets while sighting in the EOTECH.....My first impression on shooting the CRB is I Like it! Very Minimal Muzzle Rise. I used American Eagle and MagTech ammo...ran into a few hiccups with the Magtech's...I got 3 FTF...2 on the CRB and 1 on my G21. At first I thought it was light primer strikes as the indentations were not as deep like on the the cases that were fired till I had the same thing happen on the G21..same thing...very light primer strike...i'm chalking it up to a really hard primer. Had those 3 FTF out of 150+ rds. The KRISS Mag had a Failure to Feed when the Mag was fully loaded...but no issues when loaded to just 25rds and no issue with the G21 mags. As for the Trigger...It is pretty stiff...doing a string of rapid firing takes a toll on your trigger finger lol. Overall I really enjoy shooting the CRB.


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