Final Optic................No More Changes.

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Final Optic................No More Changes.

Post by MadDogDan on Fri May 10, 2013 4:48 pm

I have only had my SDP a little over a month and already went through a few optics. It started with an Insight MRDS which is a great little optic but more suited to a backup role along side a magnified optic. I then put an Aimpoint ML3 on it which is a great setup and a big improvement. I have one ML3 and two other Aimpoints, a T1 and H1. I love the Aimpoints but my Astigmatisms are making it harder to see the dots clearly. With my vision I see reticles that are etched in glass better. I have five (5) Trijicons (ACOGS, RX30, RMRs, & an Accupoint) on various weapons as well as a Docter and thought the Kriss needed a Mini 1.5x ACOG to make the SDP just about perfect. Found a great deal on a used TA44SG-10 ACOG with LaRue mount on the ARFcom equipment exchange. The reticle is a green 1.5moa dot with circle around it sitting on a black post. Besides the exceptionally clear glass the other thing I love about the Trijicon line is, there are no batteries to mess with. Yes the Aimpoints last almost for ever on a single battery but they are electronic, and what can go wrong, will go wrong eventually usually at the worst time. I already sent in my Form1 to SBR this puppy so when the tax stamp comes back it will be complete. Really, no more least for now.

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Re: Final Optic................No More Changes.

Post by CatMostFeared on Tue May 14, 2013 5:33 am

nice I was looking into ine of those

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