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New Kriss Owner Tucson Az

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New Kriss Owner Tucson Az Empty New Kriss Owner Tucson Az

Post by Hugo Stiglitz Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:28 am

Picked up a Kriss VECTOR CRB .45ACP the other day lightly used.  Took it to the range, Fired everything I put into it. Had a few FTF and on a few rounds, removing a loaded round from the ejection port was a little difficult at times. I see these are little problems I will have to live with.  When I brought it home and stripped it I noticed that the firing pin spring was way to strong and the hammer spring was a little wimpy.  hopefully these issues will be worked out. My bolt has no numbers on it other than a QC stamp. New Kriss Owner Tucson Az DSCN3199_zpsad15171c
New Kriss Owner Tucson Az DSCN3169_zpsb22605a8
New Kriss Owner Tucson Az DSCN3154_zpsde766006
New Kriss Owner Tucson Az DSCN3161_zps06792bfd
Shoots good, some rounds more accurate than others. Getting about 1080fps out of the long barrel. Seems to like the 185Gr HP's the most, FMJ's are soso. Shooting was done at 50 yds.
New Kriss Owner Tucson Az DSCN3198_zpsefcbb80d
I didn't have any optics for it at the time, so I stuck and little Beeman SS2 Short Scope on it I had laying around.
The Scope sits low so I beat myself up pretty good on the folding stock. Sad
New Kriss Owner Tucson Az DSCN3164_zpsc28ffd08
Yes the AR with the huge barrel next to the KRISS is a .50 Beowulf.  No it isn't for sale, love it!
New Kriss Owner Tucson Az DSCN3188_zpsb55995e3
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