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Kriss measurements ?

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Kriss measurements ? Empty Kriss measurements ?

Post by Sniperatthegates Fri Aug 22, 2014 1:04 am

I'm waiting for my kriss carbine. I should have it on the 29th. I want to make a wood 2 piece case by making a butcher block slab then routing away the shape of the rifle and the second piece will hinge closes with a nice latch and carry handle. I can start the glueing of my blocks if I have the basic size.
Other questions
1 would be I have seen a couple take down cases with the barrel slab taken off the trigger group. Is this sum thing u wouldn't mind in a case. How easy or hard would it be to put together. If u were rushed.
2 has anyone seen or made quick takedown pins. Sum thing with a larger knob to pull them quickly
I need.
1 the width at the widest point with the stock folded.
2 the height if it's sitting on the magwell to the top of the buis sights
3 length Fro tip of the barrel to back of the hinge
Thanks in advance


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