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Help with SBR and Kriss customer service

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Help with SBR and Kriss customer service Empty Help with SBR and Kriss customer service

Post by Yukonsooner Mon Dec 15, 2014 4:25 pm

Good afternoon,

After consulting with Kriss on the SBR process I went ahead and filed for my form 1. I then went and had the lower engraved with my trust information. I had the polymer engraved, rather than the actual metal, which was not communicated to me. I'm ready to send it in for the $550 "repair" and they tell me to pound sand because the lower isn't engraved in metal. Veronica and David are the folks I've spoken to and I've been told to pound sand and either have it re-engraved on the metal or they won't take it. When asked to speak to Veronica's supervisor, i was told she was it and nobody else would talk to me.

This is beyond the WORST customer service I've EVER experienced. Being stonewalled and told anybody I spoke to previously has been let go. Financial problems for the company? Does anybody have any contacts higher than customer service at Kriss I could speak to about this? Does anybody have a gunsmith who will thread a cut barrel for a Kriss?

It sucks to be so close, yet now farther than I ever thought from having my SBR Kriss.

Thank you for your time,



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Help with SBR and Kriss customer service Empty Re: Help with SBR and Kriss customer service

Post by Ezveedub Wed Dec 17, 2014 12:08 am

I'm sure you probably won't want to send it to Kriss. You have to engrave it, then they will want you to send it to them via a SOT, not directly. I got the run around earlier this year, so I did my Form 1, engraved it and added the stock to my pistol myself.


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