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Step-by-step SBR process

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Step-by-step SBR process Empty Step-by-step SBR process

Post by Gun Fri Jun 08, 2012 9:56 am

Hey guys - I'm trying to figure out if I understand the exact process for SBRing my carbine.

1.) Begin a trust. (don't want to go individual or inc route)

2.) Fill out Form 1 from ATF and send it in with $200 tax.

3.) Wait a long, long time. (During this time, I retain control of my rifle and can shoot it as normal, correct?)

4.) When papers and tax stamp arrive, I send my rifle to Kriss to have the barrel replaced. (Couple of questions: First, is there anyone else I can send it to that would be cheaper than the $450 Kriss apparently charges? Not worried about warranty - it only applies to original owner and I bought mine used. Second, if I do send it to Kriss, does anyone have any idea what their turnaround time is on the process? I shoot weekly, and would hate to be without my only rifle for a long time)

Am I missing anything? Thanks for the help on these questions.


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Step-by-step SBR process Empty Re: Step-by-step SBR process

Post by mambro Tue Jun 12, 2012 4:20 am

Hi Dan,
I think you pretty much got it, but I have not done it myself. Maybe a "Step 1.5", there are opinions both ways on getting a bank (or credit union) account in the Trust's name and sending the ATF the $200 from it vs. a "personal" account or teller check/money order.

Step 3 is correct. It's still a carbine.

Step 4, the short answer is "yes" it is possible to do, but removing the barrel to do it is not so easy. As you mentioned, when KRISS does the conversion, they actually replace the whole barrel rather than cut and thread it. (They source the barrels external.) For the turnaround time, best advise is to call them directly to see where you would be in their work queue that day. This thread has a lot of good info in it for what you are looking to do. From what I read, "long time" is unfortunately what you can expect... not from the SBR barrel "work" but the paperwork shuffle with the ATF. Headbang

There is also engraving work to be done on the receiver that is mentioned in the same thread that sounds like "Step 5".


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Step-by-step SBR process Empty Re: Step-by-step SBR process

Post by Solscud007 Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:35 am

True about step 5 but the great thing about having KRISS USA do it, they will engrave it for you and it is warrantied.

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Step-by-step SBR process Empty Re: Step-by-step SBR process

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