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New Kriss' x2!

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New Kriss' x2! Empty New Kriss' x2!

Post by DriscollOFD Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:19 am

Hi all...

I picked up my CRB in December during the initial rush for AR-15's. I met a brilliant salesman who showed me the CRB sitting lonely on the wall as everybody was begging for $2500 Bushmasters. NO ONE WAS EVEN LOOKING AT THIS ABSOLUTELY SUPERIOR PIECE OF ART! I was immediately convinced to purchase the CRB and was especially happy to know that all I need is .45 ACP compared to the overpriced and hard to get .223's. Now granted, the AR may be more akin to longer range firing, but I am generally not interested in shooting from across the street . I wanted something for close quarters self-defense and something that is fun to shoot recreationally. That said, the CRB is AMAZING to shoot!

Then I discovered the SDP. I never thought that I would actually SEE one much less be able to purchase one. Well, I just happen to stumble into shop that I had never been to and there, on the wall, getting no attention, was an SDP! So, after a few days and selling a kidney (kidding)....I picked up my second Kriss. This shop had a range in it and I was able to get immediate gratification and shoot my new toy. After I finished, I noticed a small crowd watching from behind the glass, "oohing" and "ah-ing" at the "Total Recall and Resident Evil" gun. Even better was showing off my shredded targets. Out of the box, 100 rounds at 7 yards, everything hit center mass. 100 rounds at 15 yards, all center mass. This why you spend the money....putting your rounds on target.

Suffice to say, I love my Vectors!!

Sorry for the long winded post!....but I am a little stoked!




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New Kriss' x2! Empty Re: New Kriss' x2!

Post by AZ2000 Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:07 am

Welcome to the board, they are kinda addicting. welcome1 welcome1 10

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