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Post by nih Mon Feb 25, 2013 5:44 am

so I got my delta point back from Leupold and went to range saturday to zero. first time i've actually had Kriss outside and a working optic on it. No bore sight so decided to start close, 20', 10 rds or so i was dead center, 1" groups, easy/peasy. I had a target stand that i had the 10" reactive targets stuck to and i also brought 2 10" self healing gongs.

so next i walk a gong out to 30'. come back, take a shot center mass, totally miss, another shot, total miss, ok, i'll hold at bottom, hit at the top of it, hmm, do it again, and again. so I'm thinking 230 gr, 850 fps, 20' zero, 30' = 10" high? i moved my paper target out to 30', rezero at 30', back to dead on, left paper out there and put gongs at 20', hitting gongs center (or closer to center) and 30" paper in center.

I used my superior skills in paint to illustrate what I'm pretty sure happens. the culprit, the 3 3/4 inches from the barrel to my line of sight, my site height. I had my dad and uncle on range with me saturday so i wasn't going to sit and make up a range card but I'm somewhat stunned that the round climbed 10" in 10' on me. If somebody would have asked me 10" in 10' I would have said no way, thats to much, but, it is.

Another factor, not really sure it is a factor, is that the center of the paper was ~2' off the ground on stand, the center of gong was ~1' off the ground, i'm not sure how to calculate that into the equation or if it even applies, although my skills in paint are superior I don't think i can draw it out. I want to say no because the sight height hasn't changed if you are pointing down or holding the gun level, the trajectory doesn't change, the round still crosses line of site at the zero, it just goes into the ground sooner when pointed lower. If anything it changes the 30' measurement of the gong in relation to the paper. thoughts?

so question now is: do i remove detach mount and put dp on kriss rail to reduce that height? do i just move my zero out farther, 50'. anybody else seeing this problem with sight heigth?

I'm thinking about actually making a range card and recording the +/- at distances, something like below, anybody else make one of these up already they can share? I really thought, oh, its 45, i'll zero then i can just throw lead out anywhere from 20-50' and hit anything, well..10" high over 10', christ.

what's sight heigth on eotech? Aimpoint T1?

sight height Rangecardkriss_zpsb5039a38

sight height 45traj_zpsdb1f5d16


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Post by hkbeltfed Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:47 am

Mount your deltapoint to the rail and zero farther.


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Post by Solscud007 Mon Feb 25, 2013 1:33 pm

Yeah you are too close. Zero at 25 yards.

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