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Running the Vector CRB in USPSA?

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Running the Vector CRB in USPSA? Empty Running the Vector CRB in USPSA?

Post by Kuyanator Wed May 01, 2013 11:49 am

I am joining a private gun club that has both IDPA and USPSA sponsored events. I know someone here (looking at the direction of Solscud) has shot the Vector in USPSA before. My questions are;

What division does the Vector qualify in? Open?
What are the magazine restrictions? 180mm?
Can I use the MagEx extended mags?
Can I use optics?
Does the Vector need to be on a sling since it can't be holstered?
Where can I holster my mags? Belt? Thigh? Chest?

I want to be as informed as possible and the USPSA rules do not specifically address the Vector platform. I am expecting the club to not be as familiar with the Vector then they are with Glocks and 1911s. If they are, BONUS!

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Running the Vector CRB in USPSA? Empty Re: Running the Vector CRB in USPSA?

Post by Solscud007 Wed May 01, 2013 6:17 pm

As far as I know there are no rules on pistol caliber carbines for USPSA. Talk to the match director. He or she will decide if you can run or not.

In my experience I was allowed to run the stages and was scored. However those scores are for my own consumption. They were not posted to USPSA. You have to be a member of USPSA to have your scores uploaded.

In the case of local matches, I used the Kriss as a substitute until I got my pistol permit. I was in my own division so to say.

So what ever I ran with was fine with the match director. Once in a while I would shoot with other carbines. A shooter would use a Keltec sub2000 or a beretta storm CX4.

With regards to the stages and the match, there will be aspects that you may not be able to follow.

Such as a drill of Freestyle (two hands), strong hand only then weak hand only. I try to follow the stages as much as possible. So if there is weak hand manipulation of the pistol required then I would switch shoulders and fire the Kriss with my left hand.

I try to drive myself as much as possible. I use the matches to challenge myself. I would limit myself to ten rd mags. Just like production class for pistol. This helps train muscle memory and causes me to reload more often. Repetition is helpful when done correctly. This also requires more manipulation of the kriss charging handle.

The other carbine shooters wouldn't challenge themselves like this. They just want targets to shoot at and not take it seriously. That is fine. You get what you want out of it.

I would get some pistol mag pouches and run everything on your support side. That way if and when you switch to pistol, the muscle memory will be the similar for reloading a pistol and the Kriss.

The range I shoot at is a cold range. Try to get a chamber flag. This way the range officers know the gun is empty as you walk up to the line. Sling is not necessary. But again talk to the match director.

The most important things are safety and following range commands. This goes for any firearm in competition. Pistol or rifle it doesn't matter.

Do not break the 180 degree line. For the most part your course of fire will be down range. Everyone else is up range. You can swing the muzzle left and right but the moment you pass the 180deg line and begin to point the gun backwards you are instantly disqualified.

Do you know the range commands?

If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

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