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KRISS Shooting glasses

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KRISS Shooting glasses Empty KRISS Shooting glasses

Post by Solscud007 Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:30 pm

So along with my Buckle I got my KRISS'mas giveaway prize. KRISS shooting glasses. They are exceptionally light weight. Much lighter than my S.I. Oakleys.

KRISS Shooting glasses 401995_279013798832824_157275704339968_694328_355552310_n
KRISS Shooting glasses 401995_279013805499490_157275704339968_694329_1448616640_n
KRISS Shooting glasses 401995_279013808832823_157275704339968_694330_1451505742_n
KRISS Shooting glasses 401995_279013818832822_157275704339968_694331_1734383900_n
KRISS Shooting glasses 401995_279013825499488_157275704339968_694332_810330928_n

KRISS Shooting glasses 424122_279021202165417_157275704339968_694342_1194987377_nKRISS Shooting glasses 424122_279021205498750_157275704339968_694343_806718774_n
KRISS Shooting glasses 424122_279021208832083_157275704339968_694344_1947624936_n

I prefer to use the S.I. Oakley M-Frame case. The Swiss Eye case can only hold one spare lens and the prescription lens insert. I have perfect eye sight so I dont need the insert. But the slot is too narrow to fit the third lens. The S.I. Oakley case can hold both spare lenses. And is made better than the Swiss Eye case.
KRISS Shooting glasses 424122_279021212165416_157275704339968_694345_1014110795_n

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KRISS Shooting glasses Empty Re: KRISS Shooting glasses

Post by CatMostFeared Wed Feb 08, 2012 1:23 am

I wanna see them on you, no wait they
Would look better on me

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