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Green laser designator light for hunting

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Green laser designator light for hunting Empty Green laser designator light for hunting

Post by BvilleKriss Tue Jan 14, 2014 5:48 pm

Was wondering if anyone has been able to find one that fits in the sure fire mount?

I think the Laser Genetics ND 3 SZ may work as it has a 1 in tube, though the end cape looks to be bigger, and it is definitely longer than the sure fire. Cost is about 240 US best case scenario.

I just ordered the Ultra Fire WF502-B which is a little longer than the sure fire and cost 27 USD with battery, Charger and pressure switch pad/end cap.

I have night vision on my AR with an ACOG. My friend has a big designator mounted to his AR and through his 4x ACOG it is pretty awesome. So I thought I would try and use this on conjunction with the EOtech on my CBR. Let you know how the mounting works. Or if someone else has done this please chime in.


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