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New member 5 year Vector owner Empty New member 5 year Vector owner

Post by Gigas Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:21 pm

Greetings from Michigan!

I first found the gun of my dreams in a video game. Racked up a higher kill/death ratio with it than any other gun in the game, and vowed to own the gun for real one day​.

I did research on the Super V recoil mitigation system, and my love grew.

I got a good job, and went to community college. I was days away from finishing school, and getting promoted. When the unthinkable happened; I was in a terrible car accident thanks to a dumb deer. I broke my neck at the C7 vertebrae, and became paralyzed from the chest down. I missed my finals, and couldn't perform my job. I never let it get me down though! Thanks to the accident I was awarded a small lump sum for lost wages, and was able to finally go on the hunt for a Vector at a local gun show.

I went to the Gibraltar Trade Center's gun show with cash in hand. Must've asked everyone there if they had a vector for sale or knew someone with one. I was about to leave because the gun show was about to close up what I saw someone I thought I hadn't talked to. The guy was packing up his table, and I wheeled up to him. Nervously I asked him "Do you have a Kriss TDI Vector?" He said he had literally just bought a CRB, but he reluctantly agreed to sell it to me.

So fast forward to now.

I have reduced the trigger pull weight.

Equipped it with a decent (*cough*cheap*cough*) 4-16x50 scope.

A nice bipod.

The new CRB shroud.

Just purchased the safety selector switch upgrade from HB.

Plan on getting my baby cerakote'd. (Open to ideas/designs)

Have a special side project I believe will look absolutely amazing on the Vector.

Well that's all I can think of right now.

On a side note.

Most of the threads here have dead links for pictures, and PDFs. Is it dead here?

Kriss needs to start making some more Accessories for the Vector, and resupplying the store with parts. They also need to start selling individual parts to repair/enhance the Vector.

Thanks guys! Happy shooting, and God bless!


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New member 5 year Vector owner Empty Re: New member 5 year Vector owner

Post by mambro Thu Oct 19, 2017 4:45 pm

Hello and welcome to the forum!  Apologies for the late reply as well.  Headbang


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