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"Thinking out loud............"

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"Thinking out loud............" Empty "Thinking out loud............"

Post by Mooky56 Sat Sep 29, 2012 1:19 am

Somehow, I always think about things as parts, and how some could be different.
So, I've been occaisionally staring at the Kriss on the wall.......
It's not exactly "recoiless", (but still fun to shoot....of course), we do get a muzzle jump a bit up to the right, that's very consistant, and, I like to solve problems.
Another....well.....kinda problem, is the tac light housing that pretty much needs a rediculous high cost light to make it fit........
So, I been thinking about what measures could solve both of these issues, and keep in line with the design lines of the Kriss.

It struck me, that all the lines and contours are consistant, except for the barrel shroud. I haven't been liking it's design anyways. In fact, the larger diameter of the stock shroud is what keeps other lights from being incorporated into the housing. I have a $40 Kree light that is just a smidgen too big to fit with the current shroud.

You should guess my thoughts were, putting together a better shroud, that's also shorter, to accommodate threading the barrel and adding a muzzle brake.
So, why not a shroud that matches a brake?

I remembered seeing a hexogonal brake that a machinist I know makes. Configured for the Kriss, it would look very good. Port it to correctly overcome the "upper-right" jump, and make a shroud that is the exact same shape to match the brake. Make it piece. This, of course, would also be a smaller overall demension, to allow other lights to be installed in the housing. The stock shroud is 1 1/2" diameter, but with hexogonal tubing, you could go to 1" hieght, and keep 1 1/2" width, to match the body of the Kriss.
It would work out nice to have the barrel cut back, and the new brake pinned for an over-all 16" length, without the $200 stamp, and have the new shroud mounted/locked better.

I'm just might look better, and eliminate the problems mentioned.

Thinking about this shape, with more rounded corners/edges, to match closer to the Kriss's contours.

"Thinking out loud............" X0wxlg

The side ports on the brake would be angled to match the Kriss body.........

Any thoughts????


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