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3rd times a charm!

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3rd times a charm! Empty 3rd times a charm!

Post by TheStalker Fri Jan 11, 2013 7:23 pm

Finally got KRISS VECTOR yesterday after a couple of attempts to get my hands on one!

Went to the range and put a coupe of hundred rounds through her and only had one FTF that was from a 230grn Golden Saber. I had 3 13rnd Glock mags and 4 25+ KRISS mags and all run great.

It ate everything I fed it; 230grn PMC Bronze FMJ, 230grn TMJ SPEER Lawman Cleanfire, 230grn FMJ WWB, and 230grn Remington Golden Sabers.

I gotta say that I was surprised how clean the SPEER ammo was compared to all the rest. The spent brass looked almost unfired! I will be stocking up on this when I can find it!

Here are a couple of pics (as if no one has seen one!):

Running a Burris FF3

3rd times a charm! 20130110_192038

In the case

3rd times a charm! 20130110_203013

Range ready!

3rd times a charm! 20130110_211416

Daughters S&W MP15-22

3rd times a charm! 20130109_190955

Akdal MKA 1919 Semi-Auto Shotgun without the muzzle break attached

3rd times a charm! 20130106_145757

Small clip of double tapping from my mounted ContourHD. Always forget to turn it on!

3rd times a charm! Th_KRISS_zps4f9a57bf

Got time for a quick cleaning and then put away until I come back in May/June.



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3rd times a charm! Empty Re: 3rd times a charm!

Post by afponiky Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:00 pm

Nice little video!

Very Happy

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