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Possible Kriss SBR Conversion?

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Possible Kriss SBR Conversion? Empty Possible Kriss SBR Conversion?

Post by wSpell Thu Jun 05, 2014 3:33 am

So I haven't bought a Vector yet, but I want an SBR version quite a lot for my home. Maybe you guys can tell me if this would work on the SDP:

If this did work, you add a standard M4 buffer tube, the Sig SB-15 Brace, and you've got a legal "SBR" without having to go through the ATF's constant crap. It's probably a long shot, but has anyone done/seen this done? OR if anyone has put an SB-15 Brace on their Sig, how did you do it???

Thanks in advance!


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Possible Kriss SBR Conversion? Empty Re: Possible Kriss SBR Conversion?

Post by sniiped Sun Aug 09, 2015 5:41 pm

You should direct questions like this to the ATF. The only Legal SBR I know is one with a tax stamp.


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Possible Kriss SBR Conversion? Empty Re: Possible Kriss SBR Conversion?

Post by Aeromat209 Fri Dec 04, 2015 11:51 pm

Kriss Makes an M-4 adapter for the SDP . Sig makes a SB15 arm brace that actually folds ! I have one that came on my Sig MPX . I don't know if Sig makes one that would work with the Kriss adapter . Mine has the the older style arm brace and a standard buffer tube that does not fold . The jury is still out on the whole shoulder the arm Brace or not . Ultimately I have to think the SBR route is best and only 200 more for piece of mine.
Hickok45 did a vid on YT reviewing the Kriss Vector and had some interesting thoughts check it out!

There are a couple examples on a popular fs gun sight you could look at if you want pics one folding and one not!

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Possible Kriss SBR Conversion? Empty Re: Possible Kriss SBR Conversion?

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