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muzzle brake for the CRB?

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muzzle brake for the CRB? Empty muzzle brake for the CRB?

Post by bolus Wed Nov 12, 2014 8:14 pm

So has anyone attempted a muzzle brake for the CRB (with the barrel shroud removed)?

Since Im running the Diamondhead handguard I've ditched the shroud. Mostly for appearance, I thought about threading the barrel where it is already reduced in size to compensate the shroud and add a muzzle brake.

muzzle brake for the CRB? SVzCxZo

Just Right Carbines have a few 45 ACP muzzle brakes. the thread pitch is sure wacky though at 0.578" x 28 RH
muzzle brake for the CRB? 1362421912226-698280356


CNC Warrior does have a barrel threading alignment tool for .578x28 that I ordered and would work. Dies are available as well and I have one being shipped to me now.

Anyone else try it?


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