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KRISS Vector SMG and Defiance Suppressor problems

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KRISS Vector SMG and Defiance Suppressor problems Empty KRISS Vector SMG and Defiance Suppressor problems

Post by Solscud007 Thu Nov 08, 2012 11:48 am

A member on the Usual Suspect Network (USN) contacted me because of my work here on KRISSTALK.

Hi, I saw that you are on the forum and was wondering if I could bounce something off of you. My department bought a Kriss smg and we are having a hell of a time getting the gun to run reliably. Our duty ammo is federal host 230 grain jhk and our practice ammo is Speer 230 gr fmj. The gun has had numerous double feeds and failure to go into battery. We have cleaned and lubed the gun, replaced the extractor and extractor pin, and the gun still chokes.

I told him that I don't have that much experience with the SMG and have only shot it once with two mags. I did have a FTF when I shot the SMG in Vegas. Second round on two rd burst did not feed. His problem sounds like a feeding issue, I dont see how extractor and pin will help. Sounds like possibly a magazine issue, so I asked him what mags was he using. I also wondered if the problems were on full auto or semi only.

Problems arise on both semi and full auto, and the factory has been so-so on helping us. They sent the new extractor and extractor pin and said that should fix it, but no such luck. The mags that we are using are either the newer glock 12 rounders or the factory supplied ones with the extension sleeve. I will look when I get back to work on Monday and will get the serial number.

Also, the suppressor that they sent with the gun has aluminum baffles (on a full auto gun - no bueno), and we had a baffle strike on it within the first several hundred rounds. Recently I went to a select fire instructor course, and one of the guys in there was running a kriss smg, and he said that it had numerous problems initially, and it took sending it back to the factory several times before it ran correctly. I am thinking that might be the best course of action because it has the potential to be a really good weapon, especially for vehicle assaults.

Thanks for the quick reply, I will let you know what I hear back from the factory.

Very interesting info about the KRISS suppressor. I assume it is the Defiance model. But upon more research it maybe the older version. As seen in this thread. I am waiting for confirmation from the guy.

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