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KWA Lower housing swap

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KWA Lower housing swap Empty KWA Lower housing swap

Post by Solscud007 Sun Apr 07, 2013 9:30 pm

So I got my FDE lower housing and swapped it onto my KRISS Carbine. Used the spare KRISS lower housing and swapped it onto my KWA KRISS Vector.

This swap was a LOT easier than the upper swap.

I followed the Armorer's Course. There are some aspects not mentioned in there. You need to remove the mag catch, the last round bolt catch, and the charging handle return spring anchor.
I only have one problem and that is the hook anchor for the charging handle return spring. The real steel one was easy to unscrew. But the KWA version would not come out. I will need to order a replacement from KRISS USA.

KWA Housing on top and Real KRISS housing on bottom.
KWA Lower housing swap Lower_11

Naked KRISS Carbine lower.
KWA Lower housing swap Kriss_10

KWA KRISS with lower installed. Now the only KWA Airsoft parts are the internals. All exterior parts are from Real KRISS Vector.
KWA Lower housing swap Kwa_kr10

KWA Lower housing swap Kwa_kr11

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