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Out of battery firing

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Out of battery firing Empty Out of battery firing

Post by Solscud007 Sun May 19, 2013 8:47 pm

This didnt happen to me. Someone on youtube commented on my malfunctions video.

I just got done shooting my Kriss today, this was my second outing since purchase. Every couple rounds, it would blow the magazine right out of the gun. We collected some of the brass, and found 3 of the 30 rounds we put through it completely blown out the side of the case.  This was with a standard magazine. I'm going to try to contact tech support Monday. (First 100 I put through the gun was flawless, I don't know what happened this time.)

I replied that he should not have kept shooting the first time it happened. Also I asked "What ammo did you use?".

I just wanted to bring this issue to other KRISSTALK members attention.

I think some other members had some out of battery experiences. What did you end up doing? Sent it back to KRISS USA? Did it happen when you got it back?

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