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Streamlight flashlight to fit Gen 1?

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Streamlight flashlight to fit Gen 1? Empty Streamlight flashlight to fit Gen 1?

Post by grimm Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:37 am

Hey guys.

Ive been looking for a proper flashlight to fit the gen 1 vector, but i cant really justify a Surefire at the moment, and ive been using a Powertac Cadet, but the remote pressure switch is so poorly built the soldering keeps breaking on them even if you avoid pinching the pressure pad. Im on my third switch now.

Im curious if anyone here has ran it with a Streamlight, as they seem to be the "poor man" alternative to Surefire for people who arnt going to war or cant fit a Surefire in their budget.

Let me know what flashlights you have tried or recommend that you know will fit that internal housing of the Gen 1 Vector. If i have to, i may turn to a Protac for the rail, but id like to minimize the external attatchments on the vector.

Thanls guys!


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