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Reloads vs PNW Arms

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Reloads vs PNW Arms Empty Reloads vs PNW Arms

Post by Solscud007 Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:30 am

This was a small test. My friend made some match grade reloads for me to test out in the Vector.

250 gr lead round nose flat point, 4.2gr Clay Powder with winchester primer

The PNW Arms ammo is 230 gr.

At the West Point Fun shoot my friend and another guy commented that the PNW arms ammo is a bit stronger. A bit more recoil than expected. I have been shooting exclusively PNW Arms ammo for a couple months now and I didnt notice it.

That is until this test.

You can see the results. This is not a very good test. I am shooting offhand and rather rapidly. But these results are good for me as it gives me match style feed back.

What I mean is the target is within 25 yards, the target is about chest sized. I am mimicking a match by trying to run my gun fast. I was interested in the recoil and the grouping at the speed I run my Vector.

I had noticed a difference when I shot my friend's Beretta with his 9mm reloads and factory Winchester 9mm. For a hand gun I can see how reloads really make the handling of the gun and follow up shots easier.

One thing he said though was that even though the reloads handle better, my PNW Arms ammo would have a lot more stopping power than the reloads.


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